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Artist | Student | Digital Art
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

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❥{Caring For Your Panai:

○ Your Panai is not the easiest to care for but it is doable and rewarding, because Panais get very attached to people and will give you lots of love in return for your work!
 Your Panai responds well to nicknames! You can call her Panai, or Pan, or Pasa, or Pasta!
 Panais love being warm - they get cold easily - so make sure that you have a warm place for your Panai to snuggle into if she gets cold!
 Your Panai is very nostalgic/sentimental and therefore tends to hold onto things from her past - she had a lot of precious belongings so don't try to get her to throw them away! That will make her sad
 When it is time for your Panai to go to sleep she needs to be provided with her stuffed animal polar bear, whom she calls "Poder Bear" - this is very important when taking care of your Panai!
 Your Panai has good manners and will always try to be on her best behavior so please treat her with good behavior too!
○ Your Panai is a little shy when you first meet her - but she will get more outgoing as time goes on, so at first you will need to take steps to socialize with her, but after a while your Panai will start to initiate conversations
 Panais can be a little overzealous, excitable, and even bouncy once they are comfortable around someone and find something to be happy about, so try not to be annoyed with your Panai when she gets excited!
○ Your Panai might get lonely sometimes, so try to have a friend of hers around like a Cally, a Kitonika, a Lumi, an Issa, a Mango, and others around for her to spend time with!
 Panais love to cuddle! But, if you aren't a cuddily person, have no fear, her boyfriend can help!
○ Your Panai loves listening to music, but she often worries that others will not like her music, and so make sure you give her some time to just plug into some headphones and jam out!
 On the subject of worrying, your Panai is fairly self-conscious, so it helps to tell her that she is pretty or cute at least once a day!
○ Your Panai takes antidepressants every morning, and these are important in keeping her happy - but Panais are also forgetful creatures and so if she forgets her medicine don't scold her! If she is sad just comfort her, and have her take her medicine and then help her not to forget again!
 Panais are also prone to stress - if your Panai is stressed out just have her take a nice bath, it should help!
○ Your Panai also needs to eat! She loves noodles of all shapes and flavors so be sure to feed her those! She also will eat rice, nearly anything with potatoes, pizza, salad (with baby red tomatoes and no iceberg lettuce!) and many other things - though she does not eat meat often and she dislikes celery and tofu!
 Panais also have hobbies that are important to them, specifically drawing and playing fantasy RPG games! Make sure there are time for these things, and maybe even play Dungeons and Dragons with her!
○ Your Panai loves one TV show: The Office - it really is the only show she knows anything abut (aside from a few animes) and she will quote it all the time - especially the quotes of Dwight Kurt Schrute, so even if her references to The Office are not funny, just humor her! She loves it!
 All in all; just treat your Panai with care and respect and she will treat you the same!

❥{Caring For Your Nymph:

 First and foremost; your Nymph is a cat, but do not be alarmed, she may occasionally appear as a bipedal cat instead of her usual feral state!
○ Your Nymph will also respond to Nym and Nymmie! Call her whatever you want!
 Your Nymph isn't good at purring, so if she is happy she will make an "Mmmmm!" sound instead
○ Give your Nymph frequent pettings - ecpecially on the top of her head and the back of her neck - and sometimes on her tummy (but don't tickle her!)
 Your Nymph likes to try to eat healthy, but she loves french fries and a special treat would be to leave M&Ms in a bowl for her! 
○ Be careful! Potatoes give your Nymph the hiccups (unless they are in potatoe-chip form) Make sure you have water at the ready if you feed her potatoes!
 Nymphs are slight hypochondriacs - A Nymph once went to the doctor due to a cramp that she mistook as some kind of internal malfunction of her ovaries (it turns out she was normal and healthy!) so if she freaks out about a little pain just tell her its nothing or play doctor and try to show her that everything is okay! 
○ Do NOT tell your Nymph that other animals are cuter than her! Nymph gets jealous easily!
 Nymph gets sleepy around 10 PM - if you keep her up later then this she will probably just end up falling asleep!
○ Your Nymph will wake up between 6:30 and 8:00 AM, but it's okay if you sleep in more then her! Your Nymph loves mornings and will gladly bask in the light of the sunrise alone - it gives her time to think and to fully wake up!
 Never physically harm your Nymph! She is not very strong and won't be able to defend herself very well.
○ Nymphs need an hour of outside time a day, so be sure to provide this.. unless your Nymph is tired, then it is best to let her curl up somewhere cozy!
 Like all cats, Nymphs like milk - but only chocolate milk! So be sure to have Ovaltine always readily available so that she can mix it into her milk in the morning!

CallyKitten did this, and it looked like fun, so I... borrowed... the idea and made one of my own! The top portion about "Panai" refers to me, and mostly how I act in real life, whereas the "Nymph" part is how I act when I feel comfortable! I've had a fursona for... six-ish years, and I get really attached to them - Nymph is the closest I've gotten to really portraying myself (I love her calico design and just everything about her!) so, naturally, I feel connected with her, and it's hard to explain how she is different then just normal me (besides her being fictional and an animal, of course!) but I know I do act/feel differently sometimes and those are the times when I feel like Nymph!... This all sounds so stupuid - explaining fursonas is such a weird thing to have to do so I will just leave this here! Anyway, enjoy this silly little thing! 

After my hour of outside time for the day I will get back to responding to roleplays (that's right - I started doing that - but I have a lot to get through..)
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cis female



panromantic demisexual

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taken by GhastForce
(since 1/4/12)


[fursona species]
(american shorthair)

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.:Nap and Tal:. GIFT by CallyKitten

Beautiful Artwork by CallyKitten

When someone you watch posts a poll that you know nothing about you.... 

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samsocksadopts Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Student Filmographer
Pan I know you're in a bunch of groups and you are busy, but i was just informing you about this Brand New Group (just recently finished all of the journals ect (aka made in the past 2 days)). But the group is still under contruction, but they are currently accepting high ranked positions for right now.

its called The-Chimera-Ritual 

It is essentially a 'horror' version of TBS but it involves masks, mexico, mayan/aztec ruins, feline characters, and alchemy.

Currently im creating a character for it (with his pain in my butt for right now design) and he is one of the 3 Kahunas (healers). And I know that a bunch of tbs people are also joining it as well.

Figured to inform you about it if you havent already heard about it. :meow: 
Panai Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you Mango! It looks really interesting and I will for sure read up on it once I finish the essay I'm writing for school right now~ I haven't talked to anyone else about this group but I did catch a glimpse of it before. I will for sure look into joining - maybe it wuld be fun if our characters were related or something? I dunno - but i always like joining groups with relationships already in place so if you have any ideas then feel free to tell me!
samsocksadopts Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Filmographer
Not a problem. :meow:

It really does sound very interesting so far. :meow: Take Your Time they are not choosing whos position is whos until 5/28 if im correct.

Ours could certainly be related in some way in their past! :meow: Right now Patli (my charries name) is a kahuna (as mentioned before). I have not decided a concerete age for him but he will be over 2 years old but no more than 3 years old. (Rest is Not final) He will act like he is crazy but he really is not, he is just not a 'peoples person' despite that he is always around others and he is actually pretty cool when he tones down his crazy act. He at one point was either an artisan or a (forgot the name) temple keeper. When he was still a heel (rookie). Im fairly certain ill make him Bi. (Cause you know gatta accept everyone)

Feel free to make a family connection or maybe a kithood friend of whatever charrie you create. If you wanta do a kithood friend/close relative let me know before maybe 3 days from now. As i need to get my offical ref up very soon. Which means i need to get his history up. ^^"
Panai Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I am thinking about trying out for keeper of the Gainai following <3 And I was drawing my character earlier today (here she is, by the way: TCR :: Character Concept ) - I had actually just finished coloring her when I saw that you uploaded yours - and they look like they could be related, I think anyway. I hope you don't mind that they're a little similar! I'm thinking of making having just recently graduated from being a heel so she will be younger than your character - maybe they could be cousins or something? Or if your character was a keeper he could have trained her and then she could have been given the full rank of keeper when your character switched to a kahuna. I don't know - I'm jus throwing ideas out there - and I hope I am not adding to the stress of creating a character by throwing this idea of mine being related to yours out there! 

Patli looks so handome - and I love his eyes so much! They're so enticing! You did a great job with him, Mango, and I am so excited to see him in the group and hopefully roleplay with you in TCR as well as in TBS! It's cute that he's bi too, I think all the toms and the she-cats will dig him, even if he does act a little crazy! 
(1 Reply)
emVos Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
Thank you for the watch!
Panai Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
No problem! Honestly I thought I had watched you a long time ago because I always saw your art when it popped up in TBS but then I realized that I hadn't!
painkrc99 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
paaaanai we need to rp Olive and Jenny together
Panai Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I would love to! We can start whenever you want - do you have a plot in mind? Maybe Jenny could come to the healer's den with a minor injury and Olive could help her and they could talk about their family or something - or they could wander off together
painkrc99 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 8, 2015
the injury and family plots sound nice perhaps if we do the family
talk it could be during the night while looking at the night sky?
-currently having an  rp with Jenny and Softie Kaa on skype hasntstarted-
or they could try being silly Dark elements and teleport randomly about
the North region to their heart's content... and I have so much free
time right now that I'm just rolling in my boredom~
Panai Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Maybe Jenny comes to see Olive in the evening about a really minor scratch or something and then once Olive puts some cobwebs on it they can go on a walk under the stars and talk abut their family and their element and stuff <3 

And just so you know I'm pretty busy with school lately so my replies might be a little slow 
(1 Reply)
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